Let’s face it, doing your laundry is probably that last thing you want to do. It takes up a bunch of your time, and you’re exhausted by the time you’re done. 

Even if you save a trip to the laundromat by having your own washing machines at home, doing your laundry is not an easy task. It’s one of those things that you don’t want to do, but you have to.

So we brought you 5 tips that will make laundry day a whole lot easier for you.!

1. Get Someone Else to Do It

The easiest way to do laundry is not to do it yourself. 

Think about it, who really wants to be sorting through colors, removing stains, and folding clothes for hours? You guessed it. NO ONE!

The easiest way out is to delegate the task to someone else.

If you have children, you can have them help out with laundry day as part of their weekly chores. They will probably give you a few dirty looks at the time to do the laundry, but they’ll learn valuable skills that may help them out later in life.

The other option is to use a laundry delivery service that handles the dirty work for you. 

An excellent laundry pick-up and delivery service will pick up your laundry and deliver your clean clothes right to your doorstep. The only thing you would have to do is schedule your pick-up. 

Do some research online for reliable laundry service providers in your area. You can also check out our guide 6 Tips For Choosing A Good Laundry Service in 2019 for some pointers on what to look out for.

2. Sort as You Go

Not everyone has the opportunity to delegate their laundry duties. If you have to do your own laundry, one thing you can do to make laundry day easier is to sort as you go. 

You can purchase a divided hamper to start sorting your clothes as you use them. If you can’t find a divided hamper that works for you, you can just buy multiple baskets and use them to sort your clothes.

This will save you a ton of time because you don’t have to sort all of your clothes at once, and on laundry day you can get straight to washing!

3. Stain Treat as You Go

Another task that takes up a lot of time on laundry day is stain treating your clothes. We recommend treating your stains as they happen. 

Not only will this allow you to skip this step on laundry day, but by treating your stains immediately, you reduce the risk of having the stain soak into your clothes; making it easier to get the stain out.

Read our guide The 4 Most Common Stains You’ll Encounter to learn about 4 common stains you may encounter and how to remove them.

4. Split up Laundry by Day

Splitting your laundry into different days is a great way to reduce the stress of doing it all in one day.

You can choose one day just for your whites, one for towels, and one for colors.

Although you may have to do laundry more often, dividing your laundry throughout the week reduces the amount of work and stress required on a single day.

5. Use a Sock Only Mesh Bag

We all have socks that disappear during laundry.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could tie up all your socks together? Well, that’s what zippered mesh bags are for. You can find them in the laundry section of your nearest big box store. To use, just place all of your socks in the bag, zip it up, and throw them in the washing machine.

Using a zippered mesh bag for your socks will not only make pairing them easier but will ensure they are all accounted for.

Let us know what makes your laundry day easier in the comment section below.

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