Choosing a new laundry service provider can be a very involved process and a surprisingly important decision. After all, your clothes are an intimate part of your body, and you’re not going to let just anyone handle them.

So how do you choose a laundry service? It’s definitely not as simple as looking up what services they offer and calling it a day. Here are some of the things you need to look out for when choosing your laundry service:

1. Pricing And Payment Options

The first thing you have to look at is pricing. You need to be aware of the average laundry service pricing in your area so you don’t get ripped off. Most laundry services charge you by the pound, with the price often set at a couple of dollars per pound of laundry.

The payment option is also important to consider. Many laundry services now offer prepaid cards that make it more convenient than ever to pay for each wash, especially if you’re a regular. Choosing a service that still relies on coins will require you to have change on hand whenever you visit.

2. Reliability

Perhaps even more important than price is reliability. Spending top dollar on your choice of laundry service is acceptable if that means they’ll get your laundry done quickly, and not damage or lose your clothes in the process.

Of course, accidents do happen no matter how diligent your service may be. That’s why another part of reliability is the warranty or loss and damage policy that the service offers. Even if it’s just a tiny nick on a shirt or sock, your laundry shop should be ready to compensate you for their errors.

3. Services Offered

Time is valuable, and sometimes you don’t have time to head to town on a regular basis to pick up your laundry. Check if your prospective laundry shops have laundry pick up service, as well as dry cleaning delivery services if you need those.

Drop off, wash, and fold services will make things even easier, as your clothes will be ready for storage in your cabinet as soon as you receive them.

4. Detergents Used

All detergents are not made equal, and some may cause allergic reactions in certain people. If you’re allergic, always check if your laundry shop offers hypoallergenic detergents, so that your clothes don’t cause you to break out in hives whenever they’re freshly washed.

5. Cleanliness

A rather underrated metric is the cleanliness of their location. What good is a laundry service if your clothes get covered in dirt as soon as they come out of the wash? It’s important that your clothes are washed, stored, and folded in a clean place to avoid stains, or else you might have to do it all over again.

6. Payment Options

A laundry card (or smart card) can make what should be a quick and efficient laundry trip into a confusing hassle. There’s nothing worse than making your way to the laundry only to find out that your laundry card is in your other wallet. If you prefer to do your washing the old-fashioned way, make sure that you look for a laundry that’s coin-operated, it’s a classic for a reason!

Make The Right Choice

The feeling of fresh, fragrant, totally clean clothing is one of the finest pleasures of the modern world. Choosing the right laundry service ensures that your clothing is always perfectly clean no matter what. Don’t leave it up to guesswork—use these tips as a checklist to find the best service in your area!

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