Laundry Services for Food, Hospitality, and Wellness Businesses


So many businesses, especially those in the medical and hospitality industries, use massive quantities of linen every single day. Therefore, they constantly require laundry services on a large scale. 

Fortunately, J & G’s commercial laundry services can keep those tablecloths, bed sheets, and other linens as clean as could be. And, with towels and napkins that are spotless, you don’t have to worry as much about sanitation issues. What’s more, you won’t have any customers who notice dirty linens and then post savage reviews of your business on the internet. 

Our commercial washing machines are exceptionally powerful, and we can clean and fold your linens in a short period of time, which is helpful if you face tight laundry deadlines. In addition, the bleaches, detergents, fabric softeners, and other items we use to sanitize fabric are top of the line, so that they won’t trigger skin reactions in your customers or patients.